Demon Lord (Kirasath)
Demon Lord(3)
"Neither the pauper nor the king will get out of this world alive!"
Gender Male
Class Support
Current Meta Bruiser/Support
Damage Magical
Difficulty 6 Difficulty6
Physical 5 Physical5
Magical 5 Magical5
Resilience 6 Resilience6
Support Support1010
Emblem price 10,800 Credits icon
Rune price 225 Rune icon

"Neither the pauper nor the king will get out of this world alive!”

Kirasath claims to be the bastard son of Nocturnus, the legendary God of Death and Decay. Cold and unflinching, Kirasath spreads despair wherever he goes.


Kirasath specializes in harassment, boasting one of the most powerful Damage Over Time effects in the game. A strong laner and an interesting magical bruiser/support, Kirasath is powerful in the early and middle stages of the game but does not offer as much support as other heroes in a team fight.

  • Take advantage of Kirasath's massive reach using Dark Scythe to constantly keep your opponent's health in a manageable range. Dark Scythe can also be used to finish off running heroes (though it should be noted that DoTs do not prevent using Retreat so it may still be beneficial to chase the afflicted enemy unless the kill is guaranteed), but be careful since Kirasath tends to accidentally steal kills from the carry.
  • Demon Pact is incredibly useful in helping yourself and teammates escape or chase enemies. In a fight, it can be most beneficial to link yourself to the attack damage carry to augment their attack speed and heal them with Demon's Friendship.
  • If there are no heroes around, feel free to use Demon Pact on your Frost Giant.


Dark ScytheDark Scythe

Kirasath tosses a scythe of dark soul energy which damages all in its path.

Cost: 40/55/70/85 MP

Range: 20/20/20/20 meters

Damage: 10/17/24/31 + [18% Magical Attack] per second for 12 seconds

Cooldown: 11/11/11/11 seconds

Demon PactDemon Pact

Kirasath binds himself to an ally via spiritual chains which augment both him and his companion.

Note: Maximum duration of 10 seconds as long as bound ally is within 20 meters of Kirasath.

Cost: 100/120/140/160 MP

Range: 10 meters

Cooldown: 15 seconds

Movement Speed Increase: 20%

Attack Speed Increase: 10/20/30/40%

Demon's FriendshipDemon's Friendship

Cost: 80 MP

Cooldown: 12 seconds

Passive: Increases Magic Attack and Physical Attack for all nearby allies by 6/9/12/15%.

Active: Heals Kirasath and the unit chained with Demon Pact by 70/130/180/240 + [40% Magical Attack].

Abyssal SummonAbyssal Summon

Kirasath summons a powerful Giant from the depths of the abyss to fight by his side.

Note: Giant HP: 800/1500/2200 HP

Cost: 100/150/200 MP

Range: 5 meters

Cooldown: 120/100/80 seconds

Effect: Kirasath's Magical Attack will be increased by 20/25/30% while the Giant is alive.

Base Stats

1 549 360 49.00 0.71 Melee 4.25 19.00 16.00 1.27 1.20
2 0.72 Melee 4.25
3 0.73 Melee 4.25
4 0.74 Melee 4.25
5 0.75 Melee 4.25
6 0.76 Melee 4.25
7 0.77 Melee 4.25
8 0.78 Melee 4.25
9 0.79 Melee 4.25
10 0.80 Melee 4.25
11 0.81 Melee 4.25
12 0.82 Melee 4.25
13 0.83 Melee 4.25
14 0.84 Melee 4.25
15 0.85 Melee 4.25


Demon Lord (Default)
Demon Lord Demon Lord in 3D
2D 3D
Cost: 10,800Credits icon or 225 Rune icon
Ivory Slayer
Ivory Slayer in 2D Ivory Slayer in 3D
2D 3D
Cost: 100 Rune icon
Lavamancer in 2D Lavamancer in 3D
2D 3D
Cost: 520 Rune icon