DoT stands for Damage over time and refers to a skill or attack that deals damage over a period of time and not instantly. The damage is done usually over each second.

Types of DoTs

The different types of DoTs only differ in whether you can interrupt its duration by moving out of the area or by using a skill/item that grants spell immunity.

Non-decreasable duration

Once applied, there is no way to avoid the effect apart from casting Unwavering Faith or using Purifying Pendant to cleanse the effect.

Non-decreasable duration skills

Dark ScytheDemon Lord (Kirasath)'s Dark Scythe

Snake VenomPriestess of the Tides (Sia Tidesinger)'s Snake Venom

Gaia Guardian (Laurelai)'s Seed of Corruption

Cunning TrapGoblin Scout (Khlint Giantslayer)'s Cunning Trap

1393941648-screen-shot-2014-03-04-at-9-12-48-pmChameleon (Kuirras)'s Spit

Wind Dancer (Aria Eagleheart)'s Twin Fan Twister

Savage Princess (Akartu)'s Weapon Switch

Cross slashNomad Assassin (Akhan Savaer)'s Cross Slash

Forgotten Warrior (Balondis)'s Infernal Cage

Damaging Area DoTs

These refer to any ability which continually deals damage but requires enemy units to be in its AoE field. Some of these leave a damaging debuff that keeps damaging targets for some time after they leave the area. Some sources of this type of DoT are moving units while some affect a static area that damages enemies that stand or walk above it. Further damage from these abilities cannot be avoided with the use of Unwavering Faith or Purifying Pendant

Static Area DoT's

Shock Field

Elemental Lord (Migrove)'s Shock Field

Pillars of Flame

Harbinger of Doom (Goroshia)'s Pillar of Flames

Essence of labaulan

Essence of Labaulan (Item)]

Killing field Grey Witch (Miranda Lathier)'s Killing Field

Judgement Inquisitor (Debronee)'s Judgement

Moving Area DoTs

Moving Area DoT items

Lost hermetist's cape Lost Hermetist's Cape (Item)

Moving Area skills
Barbarian storm

Bone Breaker (Valox Fireraven)'s Barbarian Storm

Lava Burst

Molten Lord (Guervus)'s Lava Burst