"Hehe, When You Hear My Bell, Your Already Mine..."

- Lingyue Meng (During Selection)


"Lingyue Meng was born long ago in a mountain cave in the Far East. Over time, her foxlike hearing grew so acute that she could detect even a ghost's cries. Her faerie eyes grew to sparkle like the gods' mirth -- yet when she raised her hand to the heavens, she could make blood fall from the sky like rain.

A lost love's betrayal spurred the Faerie Mountain Fox to hunt down all those she considers trickerster with a harsh vengance -- and she considers all who oppose her tricksters. Whoever hears the bell worn around her neck will lose there mind -- only able to utter one name from then on... "Lingyue Meng". 


Spirit Rain:

The Faerie flies to the target area, dealing 60/100/140/180 + 0.30 AP Magical Damage to all opponents in its path. At the end of its rush, the Faerie will create a suppressing Aura to slow enemies around it by 20% which lasts 1 second.

Summon Soul Bell:

Lingyue Meng's Faerie will create a lightning Aura around itself, dealing 20/40/60/80 + 0.20 AP Magical Damage every 0.5 seconds to all nearby enemies. The Aura lasts 3 seconds and will follow the Faerie's movements.

Fox Howl:

PASSIVE: Every time enemies enter the Faerie's Aura, they will recieve 0/40/50/60/70 more Magical Damage from Lingyue Meng's normal attacks. 

ACTIVE: The Faerie will flash back to Lingyue Meng and then create a Healing Aura around her, restoring 0/60/70/100/120 HP every for Lingyue Meng and all allies for 3 seconds.

Faerie Swoop:

The Faerie will fly to the target area and then rapidly fly back to Lingyue Meng, dealing 150/225/300 + 0.40 AP damage to all enemies it passes and stunning them for 1 second.


Use Spirit Rain on an enemy hero then use Summon Soul Bell. Which can deal up to 669 Magical Damage.

Use Fox Howl to heal allies

Use Faerie Swoop and  Summon Soul Bell on an enemy hero. Whih can deal up to 780 Magical Damage

Combine the first strategy and third strategy to deal 1449 + AP damage from inventory items and keep using first strategy to finish off the enemy,