Heal 2
Heal 2
Heal 2
Effects You and all allies within 10 meters recover 250 HP.
Cooldown 240 seconds
Range 10 meters
Level 21
Example 250px
Heal 2 is a profile skill that recovers your hero's and all of your allies in 10 meters HP by 250 points.


  • Heal 2 benefits your team and also benefits you. It is recommended you choose Heal 2 in Border Skirmish due to the fact that you are with your team through many points in the game.
  • You can have potentially 9 heals on Border Skirmish if all your team takes Heal 2, 25 heals on both Rift at Sinskaald and Under Realm Ruins.
  • Fast Healer works with both Heal 1 and Heal 2 and heals an additional 75 HP when the talent is maxed.

Tablets that pair with Heal 2Edit

Tablet Description

Knowledge tablet

7 Order logo

9 Chaos logo

Knowledge Tablet: Upon using Heal 1 and Heal 2, all targets MP Regeneration will be increased by 6 points 30 seconds. Reduces Cooldown Time of "Heal" by 20%

Talents that pair with Heal 2Edit

Talent Description
Fast healer Fast Healer: Increase the amount you heal by 10/20/30%

Skills that are similarEdit