There are currently 44 Heroes available to play. The newest edition being Skale block image Skale, the Stone Guardian.

Heroes are any of the playable characters within Heroes of Order and Chaos. Each Hero is unique in their stats, skills, itemization, and play style.

They are grouped into four classes based on their comparative use. These classes are:

Guardian icon Guardian Fighter icon Fighter Mage icon Mage Support icon Support

Teams are generally composed of selections from each category in an effort to incorporate the various strengths of each class. Within each Class, heroes are subdivided into roles that denote their current meta-game such as Carry, Bruiser, Tank, Nuke, and Support.

You can also buy Skins for your hero to change their look. Skins are only obtainable using runes Rune icon or via the lottery.

Obtaining Heroes

There are 10 different prices for heroes which are:

  • 950 Credits icon
  • 1, 800 Credits icon
  • 3, 600 Credits icon
  • 4, 800 Credits icon
  • 9, 000 Credits icon
  • 10, 800 Credits icon
  • 17, 400 Credits icon
  • 21, 000 Credits icon
  • 24, 000 Credits icon
  • 28, 000 Credits icon

Heroes are available for purchase in the game's store for Emblems Credits icon and Runes Rune icon (real currency). In addition, the game includes a weekly rotation of six heroes that can be played without purchase. The rotation is usually limited to older heroes though, in rare cases such as the 2013 Winter Promotional Event, heroes like Aria and Helmm Slagfist (who were recently released) and Laurelai and Machry (who are only available as part of the Daily Reward in the case of Laurelai or for Runes in the case of Machry [who was previously the Daily Reward]) were featured on the Free Rotation so that players who had not yet purchased or been lucky enough to attain these heroes could temporarily experience them.

Unreleased Heroes


Equellia skill 1 Equellia skill 2 Equellia skill 3 Equellia skill 4