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Free Heroes this week (16-Apr-2015)

Elemental lord icon Reborn tyrant icon Demon lord icon Savage of the deep icon Harpie slayer icon Demon hunter icon


Update 13 is now live! Get ready for Lu YunFei The Living Weapon as he zaps into the battlefield with a shocking set of skills! What's more? Beware of T'saad D'velay The Headless Horror for his stunning ability to reap souls from enemies to change its size with varying effects!

A new "Fun mode has been added into the game! Tired of normal games? Perhaps play in a crazy battlefield in Fun Mode!


I've made a guide on how to edit in source considering the fact that most people edit on mobile and the mobile version of wikia only allows editing in source mode which is kinda like their code: Editing Pages (Guide). This guide has how to write hero pages but also how to find their stats. All pages should now follow this format for heroes with NO exceptions)

Visual Editor is now available on tablet/mobile devices. To turn visual Visual Editor on and off, click on the small arrow next to your username and click on my preferences. Then change your settings on the editing section. The new visual editor is in beta and has many bugs so I encourage people to still edit in source mode when using mobile.

All Heroes

1 Earth colossus icon Frostland guardian icon Savage of the deep icon Bone breaker icon 12-b icon Forgotten warrior icon Cyclops icon
Planewalker2 Kotun icon Donovac icon Redtrophi queen icon


Molten lord Elemental lord icon Harbringer of doom icon Arcane warrior icon Phase master icon Doom prophet icon Harpie slayer icon Gambler icon
Gaia Goldfur icon Acridix Dark Diviner icon Equellia
Dark elf exile icon Chameleon icon Nomad assassin icon Reborn tyrant icon Sandwalker icon Demon hunter icon Inquisitor icon Savage princess icon
Aria Nuutt Evstix Kortav icon Dailiana block image Marithus block image Javelin Warrior icon Qiu yuelan icon
Iron guard icon Ant guard icon Goblin scout icon Battle mage icon Demon lord icon Grey witch icon Priestess of the tides icon Helmm
Skale block image

To do list

  • All heroes need to have their data copied from the previous wiki.
  • Take out your calculators! About 50% of all heroes stats need completing
  • All of these articles need some love since they have been marked for cleanup.

Near Future stuff

  • Skill animations for heroes

In the far future

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This wiki is updated to the latest patch there is.

Heroes of Order & Chaos Trailer for Update 1.8

Heroes of Order & Chaos Trailer for Update 1.8.0

Patch 1.7

Patch 1.7.0 Trailer

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Guardian Forgotten WarriorGolem GuardianSavage of the DeepEarth ColossusFrostland GiantBone BreakerPaladin GrandmasterCyclopsPlanewalkerPatriarch Of PrimatesBringer of SalvationCarapace Crown
Fighter Sand WalkerInquisitorReborn TyrantDark Elf ExileChameleonNomad AssassinDemon HunterSavage PrincessWind DancerChild of the ForestBone StalkerThe BloodletterThe ShadowBattle EngineerJavelin WarriorArtful Assassin
Mage Doom ProphetMolten LordElemental LordPhase MasterHarbinger of DoomHarpie SlayerArcane WarriorGamblerGaia GuardianScoundrelThe Plagued FangDark DivinerStorm Celestial
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