Paladin Grandmaster (Lut'Hiran)
Paladin default
"My blade is at your behest"
Gender Male
Class Guardian
Current Meta Bruiser
Damage Physical
Difficulty 4 Difficulty - 4
Physical 5 Physical - 5
Magical 3 Magical - 3
Resilience 9 File:Resilience - 9.png
Support 6 Difficulty-6
Emblem price 9,000 Credits icon
Rune price  ? Rune icon
"My blade is at your behest"
—Lut'Hiran's quote upon selection

Many a bard has sung many a song about the legendary adventurer Lut'Hiran. He is as much a gentleman as he is a warrior. Those who have fought by his side claim to have felt abnormally calm in his presence.


  • Make sure to always follow up your Rush.jpg Rush with Crippling Blow.jpg Crippling Blow to keep the enemy rooted there so you can kill them.
  • When chasing a enemy with Rush.jpg Rush, drag Rush.jpg Rush ahead of the enemy you are chasing so you appear ahead of them but still do the damage
  • Remember that Unwavering Faith.jpg Unwavering Faith only lasts 3 seconds at level 1.
  • Be aware of your surroundings, because you cannot use Rush.jpg Rush to go through walls, buildings and even tower remains. You can still rush through Infernal Cage.jpg Infernal Cage though.
  • Due to the recent nerf on paladin he is very mana hungry, which will lead you to losing your mana quickly after an engage or battle. It is a good idea to buy mana potions or to use your skills wisely, rather than to clear jungle and minion waves. Red buff in rift is also a good idea, since it increases your mana regeneration. Also, support talents such as increase in mana regeneration or even the surprise talent helps sustain mana for longer before going back to base.
Paladin Gameplay

Paladin Gameplay


Rush Rush

Lut'Hiran rushes forward, slamming enemies along the way, dealing damage and hampering their ability to defend themselves.

Cost: 100/120/140/160 MP

Range: 7/9/11/13 meters

Cooldown: 18/16/15/12 seconds

Damage: 100/160/220/280 + [15% Physical Attack]

Effect: Reduces Physical Defense by 10 for 5 seconds.

Crippling Blow Crippling Blow

Lut'Hiran strength and slams the ground with his axe, damaging all nearby enemies.

Cost: 80 MP

Cooldown: 10 seconds

Damage: 90/140/190/240 + [30% Physical Attack]

Movement Speed Reduction: 30% for 2 seconds

Paladin Formation Paladin Formation

Lut'Hiran calls upon his faith and focuses.

Duration: 10 seconds

Cost: 150/160/170/180 MP

Cooldown: 15 seconds

Passive: Increases the Physical Defense of nearby allies by 5/10/15/20

Passive aura range: 8 meters

Active: Shields all nearby allies absorbing 100/150/200/250 + [30% Physical Defense] points of Damage

Active range: 8 meters

Unwavering Faith Unwavering Faith

Lut'Hiran summons his faith to cleanse himself of all impurities. Removes all negative effects.

Cost: 80/110/140 MP

Cooldown: 70 seconds

Effect: Grants immunity to skills

Duration: 3/4/5 seconds

Recommended Skill Order

Crippling Blow-Rush-Paladin Formation-Rush-Rush-Unwavering FaithRush-Crippling Blow-Unwavering Faith-Crippling Blow-Crippling Blow-Unwavering Faith-Paladin Formation-Paladin Formation-Paladin Formation

Crippling Blow-Rush-Paladin Formation-Rush-Rush-Unwavering FaithRush-Paladin Formation-Unwavering Faith- Paladin Formation- Paladin Formation-Unwavering Faith- Crippling Blow- Crippling Blow- Crippling Blow

Base Stats

Level 1 587 347 49 0.71 Melee 4.25 23 19 1.19 1.06
+ Per Level 96 38 3.2 0.01 - - 3.1 3.3 0.26 0.16
Level 15 1931 879 93.8 0.85 Melee 4.35 66.4 65.34 4.83 3.3


2D Skins

  • Classic Skin - Released: 21-Nov-2012
  • Arbor Knight - Released: 21-Nov-2012 - Cost: 60 Rune icon
  • Aurora Knight - Released: ? - Cost: 999 Rune icon
  • The Nutcracker - Released: 25-Dec-2014 - Cost: 999 Rune icon (Limited Edition, released during the Christmas season)

3D Skins

  • ?.png Classic Skin 3D - Released: 21-Nov-2012
  • ?.png Arbor Knight 3D - Released: 21-Nov-2012 - Cost: 60 Rune icon
  • ?.jpg Aurora Knight 3D - Released: ? - Cost: 999 Rune icon
  • The Nutcracker 3D - Released: 25-Dec-2014 - Cost: 999 Rune icon (Limited Edition, released during the Christmas season)
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