Profile Skills are abilities that a player can use to assist their hero when playing.

Profile skills are chosen at the start of the game in the hero select menu. Each player is allowed one profile skill from a list of profile skills. Each profile skill has their own unique effect that can be used in many different ways.

There are 2 levels of profile skills which can provide better effects except for their cooldown increasing. This is not true for all profile skills though.

All profile skills have no cost except for their cooldown.

At every game you are allowed to choose between 2 profile skills of any choice; unless they are identical or similar. For example: you cannot choose 2 blinks or lvl1 heal and lvl2 heal in the same match.

Some Tablets enhance specific profile skills by increasing their power/decreasing cool down or adding extra effects and abilities.

Profile Skills Unlocking and Cooldowns

Profile skills availability are according to their account level. You are given one profile skill as you start off and you are given a new skill every 3 account levels. There are currently 15 profile skills to unlock.

List of Available Profile Skills

The table below shows all the available profile skills which can be unlocked also with their level at which they are unlocked at and their cooldown times.

Spell Description Level Cooldown
(Reduced cooldown with cooldown decreasing items, talents and tablets
Heal 1.png
Heal 1
Recover 250 HP 1 120 seconds (96 with the Knowledge Tablet)
Mana Regeneration 1.png
Mana Regeneration 1
Recover 150 MP 3 150 seconds (120 with the Ascetic Tablet
Increase Movement Speed for 2 seconds (6 seconds with Tablet of the Ghost Step). 6 150 seconds
Fire Ball 1.png
Fire Ball 1
Release a Fire Ball, dealing 15 + 5 X (player´s level) damage every second to the target. Lasts for 6 seconds.  9 150 seconds
Frost Bolt 1.png
Frost Bolt 1
Release a Frost Bolt, dealing 75 + 5 X (player´s level) damage and slowing the target's movement speed by 40% for 4 seconds 12 150 seconds
Demolishment 1.png
Demolishment 1
Increase damage to structures by for 8 seconds. 15 150 seconds
Eagle Eye.png
Eagle Eye
Examine any area on the map for 5 seconds. Invisible enemies can be seen. 18 150 seconds (90 with the Scrying Tablet)
Heal 2.png
Heal 2
You and all allies within 10 meters recover 250 HP. 21 240 seconds (196 seconds with the Knowledge Tablet)
Instantly warp a few meters ahead. 24 240 seconds
Mana Regeneration 2.png
Mana Regeneration 2
You and all allies within 10 meters recover 150 MP. 27 220 seconds
Fire Ball 2.png
Fire Ball 2
Release a fire ball, dealing 25 + 5 X (player´s level) damage every second to the target. Reduce healing and recovery by 50%. Lasts for 6 seconds. 30 180 seconds
Frost Bolt 2.png
Frost Bolt 2
Release a Frost Bolt, dealing 100 + 5 X (player´s level) damage and slowing the target's movement and attack speed by 40% for 4 seconds. 33 180 seconds
Demolishment 2.png
Demolishment 2
Increase damage to structures by 50%. Reduce damage taken from structures by 50%. Lasts for 8 seconds. 36 240 seconds
Become invisible for 2 seconds (6 seconds with the Malignity Tablet). Also take 20% Damage Reduction after Invisibilty. 39 150
Teleports you to a friendly structure, hero or minion. 40 240 seconds (204 with the Tablet of Assistance)

Reducing Profile Skills Cooldowns

There are many ways to reduce to cooldowns of profile skills through items, tablets, inscriptions and talents. Here are some examples: