A Tablet enhances your hero with an additional buff to your offense or defense or has an supportive effect triggered by various circumstances in a match. Your hero can carry up to 3 Tablets each battle. You can change them before the match starts in the Tablet Menu or in Lobby during hero selection. This allows you flexibility in hero choices to fit team compositions and gives you an opportunity to find a build fitting your playstyle together with the Talent system and in-match itemization.

A tablet has four slots in which you can insert different types of inscriptions which aid you in battle along with the Tablet effect. These can vary from HP and MP to Pierce through Magical and Physical Defense.

A Tablet's effect needs to be 'ascended'. This is achieved by adding Order Order logo and Chaos Chaos logo energy according to the Tablet's requirement. The requirement is always 16 energy in total and always needs at least one of each different energy types - the two different types are order and chaos energy. A Tablet always has four slots to insert Inscriptions which need to be filled for the Tablet to be ascendable.

The Different Types of Tablets

There are 3 different types of Tablets:

  • Red Tablets - These tablets ascended effects increase your damage output and increases damage output from Attacks and Spells. Usually chosen by carries.
  • Green Tablets - These tablets ascended effects buff you and allies. They are much like a Support's role. Chosen by mostly supports and Guardians
  • Blue Tablets - These tablets ascended effects increase your survivability and of your allies by providing health and defense. Chosen by all, some more a custom for squishier heroes, some more for tanks.