Effects Teleports you to a friendly structure, hero or minion.
Cooldown 240 seconds (204 with the tablet of assistance
Range 999m (whole map)
Level 40
Example 250px
Teleport is a profile skill that allows the user to teleport to a friendly hero, minion or tower. This can be really useful,especially if the hero or tower is under attack, you may be the one to save them.


Tablets that pair with TeleportEdit

Tablet Description

Assistance tablet

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Assistance Tablet: Decrease the Cooldown Time of Teleport by 15%. The target you teleport to will receive a shield, absorbing damage equal to (100 + 10% target's Max HP) at most. The target will be healed according to the remaining HP of the shield when you successfully Teleport. This effect cannot be triggered twice within 3 minutes or on buildings.