True damage is one of the three types of damage in the game, the others being magic damage and physical damage. True damage ignores Physical Defense and Magical Defense, as well as other forms of damage reduction.

Blocking True DamageEdit

Abilities or summoner spells which deal true damage are still blocked by effects that prevent damage such as the passive on Smoke Diadem.png Smoke Diadem and Blessed Bulwark.jpg Blessed Bulwark.

Countering True DamageEdit

  • Although true damage cannot be directly countered, it is possible to diminish its effect by stacking health.
  • Building health causes sources of flat true damage (eg. Shield Slam.jpg Shield Slam) to effectively deal a lesser percentage of total health.
  • [Absorption Shield]]s such as Cauterize.jpg Cauterize absorb true damage and do not count towards max health; therefore, they protect equally well vs. all sources of true damage.

Dealing true damageEdit

Champions who deal true damage with abilitiesEdit

Summoner spellsEdit

Neutral MonstersEdit


  • Despite popular belief, champions whose abilities have health costs associated with them do not deal true damage to themselves when they use an ability which requires health to cast.
    • This can be evidenced when they have an absorption shield on them, when they use their health-based ability, the cost of it penetrates the shield and directly drains the health of the user, in contrary to true damage that has to break any absorption shield on the target to reach its hitpoints.